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Georgi, designation for April 23; day to commemorate St. Georg (in some dioceses April 24). This day is one of the Lostage days, assumed to be "indicator days" for the weather and therefore important dates for farmers (especially for payments, changing farm hands, start of the grazing season). From the 15th to the 19th centuries this day was considered the due date for interest payments in the manorial system. The Georgi day involved some customs and traditions, most of which have, however, been abandoned: Grasauslaeuten in Tirol, "Heischeumzuege" parades of the herdsmen (start of their working season), "Georgi rides" in Upper Austria and the province of Salzburg, "Georgi fires" in Upper Austria, "Georgi-Jagen" in southern Carinthia (custom practised by teenagers driving away the "Georg", wrapped in straw and green leaves, with fires and noise), marches along the boundaries of estates (e.g. the "Hottergang" in eastern Austria).