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Gerl, Mathias der Jüngere#

Gerl, Mathias the Younger, b. Klosterneuburg (Lower Austria), April 1, 1712, d. Vienna, March 13, 1765, court and master builder. From 1743 supervised the construction of the Piaristenkloster monastery; built the Oberlaa parish church in 1744 and the Klosterneuburger Hof in Vienna in 1746; supervised the reconstruction of the Simmering parish church in Vienna in 1746/1747 and the conversion of Wiener Neustadt castle into a military academy in 1752; 1751-1754 enlarged the Bohemian Court Chancellery in Vienna; 1752 built the presbytery in Melk. Is also believed to have built the Theklakirche church in Vienna´s fourth district (1754-1756). His building style was influenced by J. L. von Hildebrandt.