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Gertrud, geb.1226#

Gertrud, b. 1226, d. April  24 (or July 9), 1288, daughter of Heinrich von Moedling, niece of Friedrich II the Bold, Duke of Babenberg. Married margrave Vladislav of Moravia (d. Jan. 3, 1247) in 1246, then margrave Hermann of Baden (d. Oct. 4, 1250) and Roman, Prince of Halitsch in 1252 (through Hungarian mediation). He left G. and the country in 1253. Children from her 2nd marriage were Friedrich (of Austria) who was executed in 1268 and Agnes, married to Ulrich III, Duke of Carinthia, and Ulrich von Heunburg; only one child from her 3rd marriage, Maria, who married Joachim Guthkeled. Refusal of 19-year old G. to marry the 55-year old Emperor Friedrich II prevented the elevation of Austria into a royal empire in 1245. G. obtained political significance after her uncle's death, was first favoured by the pope and later by King Bela IV of Hungary, but attacked by Otakar of Bohemia. Her seat was Kahlenbergerdorf castle near Vienna, then Voitsberg (Styria). In 1269 G. was exiled by Otakar and moved to Meissen to the Saint Clara monastery Seusslitz, of which she became the first abbess.


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