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Gessner, Adrienne eigentlich A. Geiringer#

b. Maria Schutz (municipality of Schottwein, Lower Austria), July 23, 1896; d. Vienna, June 23, 1987, actress, Kammerschauspielerin. Wife of E. Lothar; engagements from 1919-1921 at the Stadttheater, from 1921-1923 at the Raimundtheater, 1923 and 1936 at the Deutsche Volkstheater, 1924-1937 and 1947-1956 at the Theatre in der Josefstadt (all in Vienna); from 1938-1946 in the USA (successful at the Austrian Theatre and on Broadway in New York); 1950 at the Salzburg Festival, Max-Reinhardt-Ring; from 1955-1981 at the Burgtheater in Vienna; also roles in films and TV productions. Awarded the Kainz medal in 1966.