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Gessner, Franz#

Gessner, Franz, b. Valaške Klobouky, Czech Republic (then Wallachisch-Klobouk), Sept. 15, 1879; d. Vienna, May 3, 1975, architect; brother of Hubert Gessner. Studied under O. Wagner, worked in the studio of his brother Hubert G. from 1907-1912, then planned apartment buildings reminiscent of municipal housing projects in Vienna on his own.


reinforced concrete building of Warchalowski, Eissler & Co., Vienna's 16th  district, 1918-1920; outdoor swimming pool in Gmunden, 1927; building with apartments and offices, Vienna's 3rd  district, Petrusgasse no. 1, 1927/28;.apartment building, Vienna´s 4th  district, Operngasse no. 23-25, 1936.


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