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Industrial Estate (Industrial Park, Business Park), area designed for a community of industries and businesses characterised by homogeneous design, a high degree of flexibility and variability and a well-balanced mix of office, exhibition, service and storage spaces. The concept was originally developed in the USA. Preferred in particular by companies with separate office and storage spaces and high-tech industries. The first industrial estate in Austria was established at Vienna-Liesing in 1991, which was followed by the Vienna-West industrial park, the Business Park Vienna on Wienerberg hill, the Concorde Business Park at Schwechat, Lower Austria, further projects at Brunn am Gebirge and at Ennsdorf, "Civitas Nova" at Wiener Neustadt and the concept of a trans-national) industrial park in Gmuend-Cěske Velenice. Similar establishments exist at Wiener Neudorf and Wolkersdorf. Provincial and municipal administrations expect industrial parks to stimulate economic activity.