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Gypsum: The beginnings of gypsum mining date back to the 17th century. Gypsum was originally used for stuccowork and it was only in the 19th century that it started to be used as a fertiliser (together with Thomas slag). Nowadays gypsum and anhydrite, which is mined in the same geological areas, are important industrial raw materials, especially as aggregates for the production of cement and as basic materials in the construction industry (plaster panels, roughcast etc.). Gypsum is mined in the villages of Preinsfeld bei Heiligenkreuz, Puchberg am Schneeberg, Wienern am Grundlsee, Spital am Pyhrn, Mossegg bei Golling, Abtenau and Weissenbach an der Lech. The raw material is refined and processed at Kuchl bei Golling, Bad Aussee, Weissenbach an der Enns and Puchberg am Schneeberg. In 1993, 788, 865 tons of gypsum and 87,476 tons of anhydrite were mined in Austria.