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Giuliani, Giovanni#

Giuliani, Giovanni, b. Venice (Italy), 1663, d. Heiligenkreuz (Lower Austria), Sept. 5, 1744, stone and wood sculptor. Introduced elements of design from northern Italy into the baroque sculptures of Vienna, worked in Lower Austria and in the area of Moravia; lived in Vienna from about 1690, first commissioned primarily by the Liechtenstein family, from 1711 lay brother at the Heiligenkreuz monastery, for which he created his most famous works, teacher of G. R. Donner.


sculptures in the interior and on the façade of the Stadt- and Gartenpalais Liechtenstein, Vienna; Eisgrub Castle (Lednice, CZ). - Heiligenkreuz monastery: figures on the chancel altar maundy groups, various statues and reliefs on the stalls, way of the cross, basin, Trinity column, etc; collection of model clay sculptures.


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