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Gleich, Joseph Alois Pseudonyme Adolph Blum, Ludwig Dellarosa, Alois Kramer, H. Walden#

d. Vienna, Feb. 10, 1841, civil servant, author of novels and playwright. Plays esp. for the Leopoldstaedter Theater in Vienna and the Theater in der Josefstadt, where he was deputy director from 1814-1816, renowned for his Viennese farces, together with A. Baeuerle and K. Meisl known as the "Great Three" of the Altwiener Volkstheater before F. Raimund, his son-in-law whom he helped to become famous. Although he wrote huge numbers of works (over 100 novels in the gothic tradition; approx. 250 plays), G. quickly fell into oblivion and ended his days in poverty.


Novels: Fridolin von Eichenfels, 1796; Die Todtenfackel, 1798; Der Eheteufel auf Reisen, 1822; etc. - Edition: Ausgewaehlte Werke, publ. by O. Rommel, 1910.


O. Rommel, Die Altwiener Volkskomoedie, 1952; V. Klotz, Buergerliches Lachtheater, 1980; OeBL.