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Goëss, Adelsgeschlecht#

Goëss, aristocratic family from the Spanish Low Countries (Belgium), in 1693 conferred the rank of counts of the Holy Roman Empire. The Goess family is related to the influential families of Saurau and Mayr-Melnhof (inherited their property in 1957); estates in the provinces of Styria and Carinthia. Sarau-Goess palace in Graz (1564-1566): three-storey building erected around courtyard with arcades from 1564 to 1566, coat-of-arms portal, bust of a Turk wielding a sword below the roof. The family has owned the palace of Ebenthal in Kaernten since 1704 and built Palais G. in Klagenfurt (1734-1738). Famous members of the family: Count Peter Goëss, Count Anton Goëss, Count Zeno Vinzenz Goëss, Count Leopold Goëss, Leopold Goëss.