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Goëss, Peter Graf#

b. Florence, Italy, Feb. 8, 1774, d. Vienna, July 11, 1846, law expert and civil servant; father of Count Anton Goëss. From 1803 President of the Dalmatian Gubernium, from 1804 head of the Carinthian Estate, from 1806 President of the Styrian/Carinthian Gubernium, from 1809 Governor of Galicia, from 1815 Governor of the Venetian Provinces; from 1819 held various high offices in Vienna; 1825 Landmarschall of Lower Austria, 1834 Hofmarschall; 1830 Order of the Golden Fleece. Deeply committed to social (fight against hunger and poverty in Dalmatia), cultural (President of the Society of the Friends of Music, Vienna) and economic (co-founder of Erste oesterreichische Spar-Casse) causes.


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