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Goldberg Mountains (Sonnblickgruppe), massif of the Hohe Tauern mountain range, situated between the Hochtor and the Niedere (Mallnitzer) Tauern; rock: gneiss and crystalline slate of the slate nappe of the Tauern mountain range ( Tauern Window); glaciers along the main crest. Peaks: Hocharn (Hochnarr) 3,254 m, Hoher Sonnblick 3,106 m, Goldbergspitze 3,073 m; numerous small lakes on the southern slopes; on the border between Salzburg and Carinthia. Name is derived from gold mining in the region of Gastein and Rauris (abandoned tunnels under the glaciers). Mountain refuges: Hagener Huette (2,448 m), Duisburger Huette (2,573 m), Naturfreundehaus Kolm-Saigurn, Zittelhaus (3,105 m, observatoy at the Sonnblick).