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Golling an der Salzach#

Golling an der Salzach, province of Salzburg, market town in the district of Hallein, alt. 480 m, pop. 3,814, area 82.17 km2, summer tourism, (149,267 overnight stays). Situated in the Tennengau region, where the River Salzach flows into the Salzburg basin, north west of Pass Lueg (552m), the Ofenauer tunnel and the Tauernautobahn motorway. - Small-scale businesses (in 1991, about 61% of the workforce were employed in the service sector: retail trade, hotel business). - Production sites: Metal works, lime works, sawmill. - Baroque parish church, pilgrimage church from the late Gothic period, pilgrimage church Maria Brunneck at Pass Lueg; Golling Castle, 13th century core, alterations during the 15th and 16th centuries; since 1846 home to museum of regional history). - About 2 km to the northwest, at the foot of the Hoher Goell mountain (2,522 m): Golling waterfalls, Torrener waterfalls in the Blunautal valley. - Gorges: Salzachoefen, southeast of Golling near Pass Lueg, Lammeroefen in the Lammertal valley between Golling and Abtenau.