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Gräf & Stift#

Graef & Stift: In 1893 the brothers Franz, Heinrich and Carl Graef founded a car factory in Vienna where they built the world´s first car with front-wheel drive in 1898 (concept patented in 1900). In 1901 they were joined by Wilhelm Stift and set up Graef & Stift (from 1904 in Vienna´s 19th district, Doebling). From 1905 onwards, the company concentrated on making large saloon cars (for example for Emperor Franz Joseph I) and small busses (from 1908 for tourist traffic in the Dolomites). After the World Wars they mainly specialised in the production of heavy goods vehicles and buses (production site in Vienna´s 23rd district, Liesing). In 1971 Graef & Stift was merged with Oesterreichische Automobil Fabriks-AG to form Oesterreichische Automobilfabrik OeAF-Graef & Stift AG.


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