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Granatspitz Mountains, high alpine mountain range, part of the Hohe Tauern Range situated between the Venediger and Glocknergruppe Mountains, highest peaks: Muntanitz (3,232 m) and Granatspitze (3,086 m). The crest line divides the province of Salzburg and eastern Tirol. The Granatspitz Mountains are heavily glaciated and parts of the side facing the province of Salzburg are a nature reserve. Ancient paths cross the Felber and the Kalser Tauern Mountains; winter sports resort. - mountain refuges: Alpinzentrum Rudolfshuette (2,311 m) on Lake Weisssee in the Stubachtal Valley, can also be reached by cable car from Enzingerboden; St. Poeltner-Huette (2,481 m) on the Felbertauern Mountains; Sudetendeutsche Huette (2,666 m) on the Steiner Alm.