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Birds of Prey in Austria (falconiformes): breeding species (1988): Buzzard (approx. 4,000 breeding pairs), kestrel (approx. 3,000 pairs), sparrowhawk (approx. 2,000 pairs), goshawk (approx. 1,000 pairs), honey buzzard (approx. 1,000 pairs), hobby (approx. 200 pairs), black kite (approx. 20 pairs, in the meadowlands near the rivers Danube and March/Morava), marsh harrier (approx. 40 pairs, Lake Neusiedl), Golden Eagle (approx. 150 pairs, Alps), red kite (rare), peregrine (60-70 pairs, Alps), Montagu's harrier (5-10 pairs), red-footed falcon (5-10 pairs, east of Lake Neusiedl = western range limit), lesser kestrel (0-5 pairs, 280 pairs around 1960, northern range limit), saker (0-3 pairs, Lower Austria = western range limit).