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Griensteidl, Café#

Griensteidl, Cafe (derisively nicknamed "Cafe Groessenwahn", German for "Cafe Megalomania"), opened by Heinrich Griensteidl in 1846 on the Michaelerplatz square in Vienna. In 1848 it temporarily adopted the name of "National Cafe". Soon after its opening it became the favourite meeting place of illustrious personalities of Viennese cultural life. It came to literary fame in the last decade of the 19th century when, along with the older groups of writers of the "Iduna", the members of "Jung-Wien" also started to meet there (H. Bahr, H. von Hofmannsthal, A. Schnitzler, K. Kraus, P. Altenberg, F. Salten). Due to the demolition of the house the cafe was closed down in 1897. Its function as meeting place was taken over by the "Cafe Museum", the "Cafe Herrenhof" and, most of all, by the "Cafe Central". A new version of the Cafe Greinsteidl was opened at the same location in 1990.


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