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Griepenkerl, Christian#

Griepenkerl, Christian, b. Oldenburg (Germany), March 17, 1839, d. Vienna, March 21, 1912, painter. From 1855 in Vienna, studied under C. Rahl at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, worked from 1865-1869 with E. Bitterlich on the curtain and the frescoes in the auditorium of the Vienna Opera (destroyed in 1945), created the frieze in the conference hall of the upper chamber of the Reichsrat in the Viennese parliament building from 1882-1885 (destroyed in 1945). Also painted frescoes for private palaces in Vienna, Venice and Athens. 1874-1910 teacher at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, head of a special department for historical painting from 1877; role model for an entire generation of Austrian painters.

Further works#

ceiling painting in the Palais Todesco (Vienna 1, Kaerntnerstrasse), 1865; completion of ceiling paintings by A. von Feuerbach in the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, 1892; mural in the Academy of Sciences in Athens and in the Villa Toscana, Gmunden; portraits of R. von Alt, R. Eitelberger and J. von Fuehrich.