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Gries, Kies, Ufersand#

Gries (literally, gravel, sand on lake shores and river banks), common place-name in Austria, denoting an area near a river (e.g. Gries am Brenner, Gries im Sellrain, Gries im Pinzgau), in Vienna e.g. "Am Gries", once name for the marshes on the right bank of the River Wien between the former Hundsmuehle and Heumuehle flour mills. The area around the "Gaenseweide" (between today´s Franzensbruecke and Sophienbruecke bridges), a former execution site, was also called "Gries" until 1826. The street name "Salzgries", referring to the former bank of the River Danube where the salt ships used to be unloaded, has survived to this day.