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Grillparzer-Preis, 1) Literature award, established in 1872 by a women's committee on the occasion of Grillparzer's 80th birthday. After Grillparzer's death K. Froehlich entrusted the endowment funds to the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna; they administered the assets and awarded the prize intermittently every 3rd year until 1971 on January 15 (Grillparzer's birthday) for "the comparatively (sic) best dramatic work in German language which has been performed in the course of the past 3 years on a renowned stage and has not yet been awarded a prize by another party".

Prize winners: A. Wilbrandt (1875, 1890), E. Wildenbruch (1884), L. Anzengruber (1887), G. Hauptmann (1896, 1899, 1905), O. E. Hartleben (1902), A. Schnitzler (1908), K. Schoenherr (1911, 1917, 1920), F. Unruh (1923), F. Werfel (1926), M. Mell (1929, 1941), J. Wenter (1935) F. T. Csokor (1938), R. Holzer (1947, 1950), R. Bayr (1953), F. Hochwaelder (1956), R. Billinger (1962), V. Braun (1965), F. Duerrenmatt (1968), T. Bernhard (1971).

2) Franz Grillparzer Prize, culture and literature prize, primarily for outstanding achievements in humanities in Austria, donated by A. C. Toepfer; courtesy of a foundation in Hamburg, Germany, awarded by the University of Vienna; prize winners: P. Handke (1991), H. Lebert (1992), A. Drach (1993).