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Grosshoeflein, Burgenland, market town in the district of Eisenstadt-Umgebung, alt. 194 m, pop. 1,678, area 14.26 km2, near Eisenstadt, in southern foothills of the Leithagebirge Mountains. - Wine-growing area. On Foellig Hill (286 m) near Grosshoeflein, archaeological finds from the Neolithic Period, Bronze Age and Roman times, as well as hunting lodge (18th century) and pleasure palace of the Esterházy family (in disrepair); originally Late Gothic parish church, modified in the 17th century, side aisle 1992; St. Anthony Chapel (1730); town hall (1675, "Simon-Despot-Haus"); "Pleiniger-Haus" (17th century) and St. Radegund Chapel; pillory (1714). Near Grosshoeflein unexploited sulphur mineral springs.