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Grosspetersdorf, Burgenland, municipality in the district of Oberwart, alt. 311 m, pop. 3,614, area 31.36km2, industrial town on the Tauchenbach stream, close to the border to Hungary. - Residential home for the disabled, Vocational Training Institute, training establishment for metalworkers of the non-profit society "Jugend am Werk" ("Youth at Work"), Protestant youth welfare centre, refugee information centre. Production sector predominant (approx. 77 % of people employed, 1991): electrical engineering industry (cables for motor vehicles, searchlights), dental products, concrete works. Parish church (rebuilt 1849-1850 after large-scale fire), interior modelled in Baroque style; frescoes (1949); Protestant Church (1820-1823).


G. Reingrabner, 1273 - 1823 - 1973 Grosspetersdorf, 1973.