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Gross-Hoffinger, Anton Johann Pseudonyme Hans Normann, A. J. Groß#

Gross-Hoffinger, Anton Johann (also known as Hans Normann, A. J. Gross), b. Vienna, May 22, 1808, d. probably Wroclaw, Poland (then Breslau) after 1873, author. Studied law in Vienna and Munich. Wrote about life and times in Vienna and worked as a political journalist during the "pre-revolutionary" period (1815-1848). Established the world and national chronicle "Der Adler" (1841-1844 "Vindobona").


Das Reich der Finsternis, 1836 (political poems); Das galante Wien, 2 vols., 1846; Wien, wie es ist, 1846; Der Roman Napoleons, 3 vols., 1848.


G. Metzker, A. J. G.-H., doctoral dissertation, Vienna 1965; OeBL.