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Gruber, Karl#

Gruber, Karl, b. Innsbruck, May 3, 1909, d. Innsbruck (Tyrol), Feb. 1, 1995, diplomat and politician (Austrian People's Party, OeVP), member of the Tyrol resistance movement, in 1945 Landeshauptmann of Tyrol, from 1945-1954 member of the Nationalrat, from 1945-1953 Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs; signed an agreement known as Gruber-De Gasperi agreement to settle the conflict over South Tyrol in 1946, from 1966-1969 Staatssekretaer in the Federal Chancellery, from 1954-1957 and from 1969-1972 ambassador to the USA, as well as in Madrid, Bonn and Berne, special commissioner at the IAEO. G. was substantially involved in negotiations about the Austrian State Treaty in 1955, helped resolve the conflict over South Tyrol in 1945/46 and supported Austria's participation in global economic integration.


Die Politik der Mitte, 1946; Zwischen Befreiung und Freiheit, 1953; Reden und Dokumente 1945-1953, 1994.