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Gruber, Max von#

b. Vienna, July 6, 1853, d. Berchtesgaden (Germany), Sept. 16, 1927, hygienist, son of Ignaz G. (1803-1872), first Austrian ear specialist, and brother of Franz v. Gruber. Professor at the universities of Graz, Vienna and Munich, influenced Austrian sanitary legislation, member of the Sanitary Council, invented an internationally recognized method ("Gruber Reaction") for the detection of infectious diseases (typhoid fever); discovered the "specific agglutination" of typhoid bacteria.


Hygiene des Geschlechtslebens, 1902; Handbuch der Hygiene 1911ff. (with M. Rubner and P. M. Ficker); Fortpflanzung, Vererbung und Rassenhygiene, 1911.


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