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Guggenbichler, Johann Meinrad#

Guggenbichler, (Johann) Meinrad, b. Einsiedeln (Switzerland), April 17, 1649, d. Mondsee (Upper Austria), May 10, 1723, sculptor. Based in Mondsee from 1679, head of a renowned workshop. In the type, form and colour of his lively, moving figures G. combined elements of Gothic wood carving with the high Baroque period in Italian art (G. L. Bernini) and Flemish art (P. P. Rubens); influenced baroque wood sculpting especially in Inner Austria (J. T. Stammel).


altars: Strasswalchen, Mondsee, Irrsdorf, Lochen, St. Wolfgang, Oberwang, Michaelbeuern, Oberhofen am Irrsee.


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