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Gulda, Friedrich#

Gulda, Friedrich, b. Vienna, May 16, 1930, d. Weissenbach am Attersee (municipality Steinbach am Attersee, Upper Austria), Jan. 27, 2000. Pianist and composer, father of the pianists Paul Gulda and Rico Gulda. Considered a child prodigy and early on achieved international fame (Winner of the international music competition in Geneva in 1996, followed by international concert tours). Outstanding interpretations of Beethoven whose sonatas he studied and recorded from 1953; and interpretations of the piano works of W.A. Mozart; From 1967 G. presented himself as eccentric and enfant terrible in his concerts, aiming to provoke the audience. At the same time he developed an interest in jazz and other forms of light music, which he also combined with serious music in his compositions (Concerto for Ursula, Concerto for myself etc.); numerous recordings and tours abroad.


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