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Gurk, Fluss#

Gurk, River, Carinthia, northern tributary of the River Drau/Drava; very good water quality in the upper section of the river, from the source to the village of Altenmarkt. At Gumisch the medium flow rate of the River Gurk is 31.4 m3/sec. It rises in the Gurktal Alps, near the Bretthoehe peak (2,320 m) and the Turracher Hoehe pass (1,783 m) between western Styria and Carinthia. On its way to the River Drau (120 km) the River Gurk crosses the Reichenau and Krappfeld plains, the Klagenfurt Basin and flows into the Drau to the east of Klagenfurt. Main tributaries: Metnitz (northern) and Glan (western tributary). Main towns and villages: Altenmarkt (alt. 762 m), Gurk (alt. 664 m), Strassburg (alt. 681 m) and Treibach-Althofen (alt. 660 m). The Gurk Valley is well-known for its many art treasures, particularly in Gurk (Cathedral) and Strassburg.