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Guttaring, Carinthia, market town in the district of St. Veit an der Glan, alt. 642 m, pop. 1,660, area 54.93 km2, farming town on the Silberbach stream, north-east of the Krappfeld plain. - Wood processing, machine construction, some summer tourism; commuter town (commuters to Treibach). - Situated on the old Eisenstrasse (iron road) Huettenberg - Althofen, first documented in 1152; Romanesque-Gothic parish church with baroque high altar (1720), north-east of Guttaring. Late-Gothic Mariahilf pilgrimage church (1725-1727, central-plan building), altars probably by J. Pacher; in Urtlgraben ruins of the oldest pig-iron furnace (first mentioned in 1580) in the Inner Austrian Lands. Late-Gothic Maria Weitschach pilgrimage church with "Landschaftsaltar" ("landscape altar", 1626).