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Häuselmayer, Otto#

Haeuselmayer, Otto, b. Vienna, Oct. 7, 1943, architect. 1965-1969 studied architecture at the Technische Hochschule in Vienna (now Vienna University of Technology), 1969-1977 assistant of W. Holzbauer; since 1977 independent architect. 1978 winner of the competition for the development of the Wienerberg grounds in southern Vienna, designer of the main project including construction plans. Active as a teacher of architecture and jury member for competitions throughout Europe. Esteemed as one of Austria´s most experienced architects for residential building.

Projects: Vienna: residential complex Wienerberggruende, from 1978; Biberhaufenweg settlement, from 1981; church and presbytery Bruenner Strasse, 1994; residential building Jaegerstrasse, 1997. - Winning project for a new opera house in Linz, 1998 (not realised).