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Kirchdorf an der Krems#

Kirchdorf an der Krems, Upper Austria, town in the district of Kirchdorf an der Krems, alt. 450 m, pop. 3,738, area 2.78 km2, situated in the upper Krems Valley in the attractive Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen region. - District Commission, district court, district rural police command, Employment Services, Office of Weights and Measures, provincial hospital, district home for the elderly, Chamber of Labour, Economic Chamber, Chamber of Agriculture, District Health Insurance Office, Kremstal-Barracks, workshop for handicapped people, ice rink, Bundesrealgymnasium and Bundesoberrealgymnasium secondary schools, commercial academy, federal school for business professions, nursing school, power station (built in 1968). Around 64 % of the 3,578 gainfully employed people work in the service sector (in 1991); metal working (tool manufacturing, motor car components: e.g. petrol pumps, building components), cement works, plastics industry and manufacturing of agricultural machines; summer resort, chartered in 1975. - Late Gothic parish church, re-designed in Baroque style with late Gothic winged altar from Wartberg an der Krems (1490) and with modern, abstract stained glass windows by Lydia Roppolt; Neupernstein castle (built 1717 after plans by J. Prandtauer).


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