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Lavamuend, Carinthia, market town in the district of Wolfsberg, alt. 348 m, pop. 3,818, area 93.79 km2, at the confluence of River Lavant and River Drau/Drava, close to the border with Slovenia. - Customs office, Leifling border crossing point, customs post, road maintenance depot. The run-of-river power stations Schwabeck (built in 1942, 72 MW) and Lavamuend (built in 1944, 28 MW), which are operated by Oesterreichische Draukraftwerke AG, are partly situated in the municipality of Neuhaus; Koralpe storage power station of the KELAG company (built in 1990, 50 MW); the power stations and the road maintenance depot are the most important employers in the area; sawmill; some summer tourism. - First documentary mention in 1091; Gothic parish church outside the market town (15th century, choir 14th century) with a late Gothic west tower, remains of stained-glass windows (14th century), Baroque interior (18th century); narrow square, 2-storey houses with renovated façades; market church (first documentary mention in 1619, modern church building from the 2nd half of the 18th century); Baroque Calvary church (1690, enlarged around 1725).