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Leopold II. Liutpold, Babenberger-Markgraf, geb. 1050#

b. 1050, d. Oct. 12, 1095, Babenberg Margrave of Austria (from 1075); son of Ernst (the Brave), father of Leopold III. Supported Henry IV initially in the investiture dispute but under the influence of Bishop Altmann of Passau and his wife Itha recanted in front of the provincial parliament in Tulln in 1081 and was removed from office by the King; Duke Wratislaw of Bohemia was given the Mark of Austria and in 1082 defeated L. at Mailberg; the Babenberg Duke was able to hold his own but lost the borderlands in Southern Moravia. L. continued to support the reforms initiated by Altmann and his successor Ulrich. His main residence was Gars, where he is said to be buried.