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Leopold III., Habsburger, geb. 1351#

b. Vienna, Nov. 1, 1351, d. Sempach (Switzerland, killed in battle), July 9, 1386, Habsburg, Duke of Austria, Styria and Carinthia, son of Duke Albrecht II, brother of Rudolf IV (the Founder) and Albrecht III. Administered Tyrol and, after the death of Rudolf IV, all the Habsburg possessions, with his brother Albrecht III. In accordance with the Partition treaty Neuberger Teilungsvertrag of Neuberg, Sept. 25, 1379, he received the duchies of Styria, (including Wiener Neustadt), Carinthia, Carniola, the Windische March, Goerz and possessions in Friuli as well as Tyrol and the lands west of the Arlberg mountain. 1368 acquired Freiburg in the Breisgau, 1375 Feldkirch and 1382 Trieste. Tried to strengthen his position in Switzerland and southwest Germany, but was defeated by the Swiss at Sempach. Died in battle.


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