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Leopold V., Herzog, geb. 1157#

b. 1157, d. Graz (Styria), Dec. 31, 1194, Babenberg, son of Duke Heinrich II, father of Duke Friedrich I and Duke Leopold VI. From 1177 Duke of Austria, from 1192 as a result of the Georgenberger Handfeste also Duke of Styria. As a faithful vassal of Friedrich I Barbarossa managed to establish the border to Bohemia and to abolish all Bavaria's feudal rights to Upper Austria. On the border between the duchies of Austria and Styria L. founded the town of Wiener Neustadt. During his reign castles and fortified towns were built in the borderlands as well as important Romanesque monasteries (Heiligenkreuz, Zwettl, Schotten in Vienna). In Klosterneuburg Nikolaus of Verdun created a wall of 51 ornate enamel panels. ( Verdun Altar), minnesong flourished, and knighthood was at its heyday.

In 1191 L. took part in the 3rd crusade and in the conquest of the fortress of Akkon and was offended by Richard I/Lionheart. L. took him prisoner at Erdberg near Vienna on his way back to Britain on Dec. 21/22, 1192, and handed him over to Emperor Heinrich VI. L. used his share of the substantial ransom to enlarge several towns. He was banished and died following an accident; buried in Heiligenkreuz.