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Liezen, Styria, town in the district of Liezen, alt. 664 m, pop. 7,051, area 56.36 km2, main town of the Styrian Ennstal valley near the mouth of the River Pyhrnbach, where the road leading over the Pyhrnpass pass branches off. - District authorities, district court, forestry commission; building authority, job centre, inland revenue office and surveyor´s office, camp of the Federal Armed Forces, Economic Chamber, Chamber of Labour, district Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry, regional health insurance office, several advisory centres, public library. Schools: Handelsakademie (commercial academy), Bundesanstalt fuer Kindergartenpaedagogik (kindergarten teacher training institute). Since 1981 central refuse processing plant. Newspaper: "Liezen Bezirksnachrichten". Commuting area with 4,898 employees (1991), including about 62 % in services (mainly in trade: shopping centres, wood shops, do-it-yourself store, etc.), mechanical engineering, plaster plate works (in Weissenbach), some tourism. - Roman post station "Stiriate", documented mention 1074 as "Luecen"; town since 1947; parish church with late Gothic elements, enlarged 1911/12, high altar panel by M. J. Schmidt (1777), Baroque Kalvarienberg church, town hall (1907).


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