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Linzer Programm#

Linz Programme, 1) German-National programme of 1882, which aimed at strengthening the German character of the western half of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy and envisaged only a personal union with Hungary. It was developed by G. v. Schoenerer, V. Adler and E. Pernerstorfer. The latter two withdrew, when G. v. Schoenerer included an anti-Semitic passage, so that it only became relevant for the political group led by Schoenerer; 2) "Programme of the Christian Workers of Austria" which was adopted in 1923, but never gained much importance; 3) Marxist programme adopted in 1926 at the party conference of the Social Democratic Workers´ Party, strongly influenced by O. Bauer. Although its basic ideas were defensive, the freely used passage "dictatorship of the working class" gave its political opponents a useful argument in their political struggle and considerably contributed to the aggravation of ideological differences.


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