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Mahler, Anna#

b. Vienna, June 15, 1904, d. London (United Kingdom), June 3, 1988, painter, sculptress, daughter of Gustav Mahler und Alma M. Mahler-Werfel. Studied painting in Rome with G. de Chirico, sculpture in the 1930s with F. Wotruba. Created numerous busts of artists and politicians. Her husbands included the publisher P. Zsolnay and the composer E. Krenek. In 1938 emigrated to the USA via Great Britain with her husband (then A. Joseph). Her life and work was overshadowed by her famous parents.


Busts: W. Furtwaengler, O. Klemperer, A. Rose, K. Schuschnigg. - Death masks: A. Schoenberg, L. Feuchtwanger.