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Marchtrenk, Upper Austria, market town in the district of Wels Land, alt. 304 m, pop. 10,369, area 23.06 km2, situated between the towns of Wels and Traun in the Wels heath. - Public banks (e.g. bottle bank, paper bank etc.) for the collection of waste material that can be recycled, library, community hall, recreational facilities, power station (1980, 42.8 megawatts). In 1991, 3,890 employees. Trade and industry dominate the economy, e.g. transformer production, production of heating systems, worsted spinning mill, plastics works, production of casting moulds and prefabricated concrete parts, livestock feed industry, paper and cardboard processing, poultry-farming, numerous trading companies. Marchtrenk was systematically built up along the main road; originally Gothic parish church redesigned in 1881.