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Mautner Markhof, Unternehmerfamilie#

Mautner Markhof, industrialist family. Founded by Adolf Ignaz Mautner who moved to Vienna from Bohemia and became leaseholder of the Brewery St. Marx in 1840, greatly acclaimed for the industrial production of compressed yeast in 1850. Raised to the nobility with the title "Ritter von Markhof" in 1872. His sons Karl Ferdinand M. v. M. (1834-1896) and Georg Heinrich M. v. M. (1840-1904) expanded the company (founding of a factory for yeast and spirit production in Floridsdorf, today Vienna´s 21st district), their brewery was the third-largest in Europe. Under Viktor M. v. M. (1865-1919, son of Karl Ferdinand M. v. M.) the brewery was fused with the Dreher-Meichel breweries into Vereinigte Brauereien Schwechat, St. Marx, Simmering AG. Manfred Mautner Markhof and Georg Mautner Markhof, both great-grandsons of Adolf Ignaz Mautner are the family´s most important entrepreneurs in the 20th century. The ordinary shares of Mautner Markhof AG are to this day held by the family, who are also great patrons of the arts and benefactors to the public (e.g. Mautner Markhof Childrens´ Hospital until 1998).