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Millstätter See#

Millstatt, Lake, Carinthia, alt. 588 m, area 13.3 km2, 12 km long and 1,9 km wide, 140 m deep; second largest bathing lake in Carinthia, good water quality. Millstatt is situated in a basin formed by a glacier from the Ice Age, with Millstaetter Alpe mountain (2,091 m) towering above it in the north. Resorts on the north shore of Millstatt, which attracts much tourism, are Seeboden (618 m), Millstatt (611 m), and Dellach; no major settlements on the south shore. In the east, the Riegerbach stream flows into the lake, it is drained by the Seebach stream, which flows into the Lieser river.


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