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Mondsee, Lake, Upper Austria, alt. 481 m, area 14.2 km2, 7 km long and 2.7 km wide, 68 m deep, east of Salzburg, one of the warmest bathing lakes (usually 20° C) of the Salzkammergut region; good water quality. Its south-eastern shore forms the border between Upper Austria and Salzburg as well as between the Limestone Alps in the south and the sandstone zone. Several streams enter the lake from different directions, such as the Fuschler Ache from Fuschlsee, Lake, situated in the west, the Zeller Ache from Irrsee, Lake in the northwest, and the Wangauer Ache from the east, Lake Mondsee is drained by the Seeache, which flows into Attersee, Lake in the east. South of Mondsee are the Schafberg (1,782 m) and Drachenwand (1,176 m) mountains, and Mondseeberg (1,029 m) and Kulmspitze (1,095 m) mountains in the north. Relics of lake-dwellings from the Neolithic age were discovered in 1864 ( Mondsee Culture). The West-Autobahn, coming from the northeast, passes along the northern shore of Lake Mondsee; the only major settlement on the lake is the market town of Mondsee (493 m) in the northwest. At Scharfling: Federal Office for Water Management (water and fishery biology, limnology).