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Oswald von Wolkenstein#

Oswald von Wolkenstein, b. around 1376, d. 1445, Middle High German poet. His life is well documented in documents, letters and songs. Originating from distinguished South Tyrol nobility (ancestral castle Wolkenstein in Groednertal), he left his home country as a page at the age of 10 and travelled through Europe and the Orient. After his father Friedrich's death he took over the family seat (Burg Hauenstein am Schlern, South Tyrol), participated in the Council of Constance, entered into service for King Siegmund, was later arrested for political reasons (opposed the sovereign) and because of an inheritance dispute. O. v. W. was married to Margarete von Schwangau; he is buried in Neustift near Brixen/Bressanone. His work comprises 130 songs and 2 speeches in rhyming couplets and is characterised by its variety of themes and forms: love songs in the first person, morning songs and pastoral songs, love dialogues and minne allegories, drink and scolding songs, travel and religious songs; coarse, sexually-related content at times contrast with a sophisticated style. He composed the melodies himself (borrowed from Italian and French models), contents taken from daily life are presented with a high degree of parody and irony. Works have been preserved in 2 parchment manuscripts (A, Vienna cod. 2777; B, Innsbruck) and 1 paper manuscript (c, Innsbruck).

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