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Petronell-Carnuntum, Lower Austria, market town in the district of Bruck an der Leitha, alt. 175 m, pop. 1,202, area 25.36 km2, on the south bank of the River Danube, between Fischamend and Hainburg an der Donau. - Remains of the Roman settlement of Carnuntum ( Heidentor, Amphitheatre), "Petronell-Carnuntum Archaeological Park" (also comprises Bad Deutsch-Altenburg) with open-air museum and excavation museum, Donau-Auen National Park Institute; woodworking enterprise, wine growing. - Parish church (documented mention in 1125; Romanesque building around 1200, Gothic elements from the end of the 14th century); Romanesque circular chapel (12th century), one of the most important Romanesque circular buildings in Austria, originally with fortifications, now burial place; castle (former mediaeval moated castle; redecorated in the 17th century by D. Carlone); Trinity column (1700). Remains of Turkish bulwarks. Festival Art Carnuntum.


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