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Polnischer Thronfolgekrieg#

Polish Succession, War of the, European war after the death of the Polish King August II (Friedrich August I, elector of Saxony) 1733-1735. While Austria and Russia supported his son Friedrich August II, France supported the candidacy of the former Polish King Stanislaw Leszczynski (father-in-law of Ludwig XV). Although the Saxon elector won, France and its allies, Spain and Sardinia, continued the war against Austria. Prince Eugène was able to stop the French advance at the River Rhine, but Austria was nevertheless defeated by Spain and France. In the preliminary peace of 1735 and the peace of 1738 (both concluded in Vienna) it was decided that the Austrian-Russian candidate should remain king as August III, King of Poland, while King Stanislaw received Lorraine and the duchy of Bar, which was to go to France after his death. Franz Stephan of Lorraine (as Emperor Franz I), married to Maria Theresia since 1736, became grand duke of Tuscany, Austria lost Naples and Sicily to Spain and had to cede parts of Lombardy to Sardinia, but received Parma and Piacenza. France agreed to recognise the Pragmatic Sanction.


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