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Quadi, Swabian Germanic tribe, originally settled in the Main. The Quadi migrated to Bohemia with the Marcomanni and settled in the northern part of Lower Austria and in South-western Slovakia, belonged to the Germanic Empire founded by Marbod and were strongly influenced by the Romans. Around 50 A.D. the Quadi king Vannius, who had been driven out of the empire, settled, along with his entourage, in the area around the Leithagebirge mountains. In the Marcomanni Wars the Quadi were one of the main opponents of the Romans, and in the 3rd and 4th centuries attacked the Roman Empire repeatedly. After a diplomatic legation led by King Gabinius was murdered, war broke out again under Emperor Valentinian I (364-475). Some of the Quadi migrated to Spain with the Vandals, while the rest of the Quadi people in Northern Hungary joined the Langobardi.