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Schober, Johann#

b. Perg (Upper Austria), Nov. 14, 1874, d. Baden (Lower Austria), Aug. 19, 1932. Law studies, then civil servant, politician (Pan-German). Member of the Vienna police force from 1898, from June 25, 1918 to 1932 president of the Vienna police force, 1921-1922 and 1929-1930 Chancellor, 1930-1932 Vice Chancellor, Foreign Minister and Member of the Nationalrat. Was responsible for the bloody suppression of the July Revolt of 1927, completed the reform of the constitution in 1929; as representative of the Pan-Germans formed the national economic bloc together with the Landbund (farmers´ party, which favoured Austria´s integration into Germany etc.), obtained the waiver of the obligation to pay reparations in 1930 and in 1931 tried to form a customs union with Germany, which was refused because of resistance by France. An exemplary civil servant, S. enjoyed a good reputation esp. with the bourgeois, and as head of the Interpol was held in high esteem abroad as well.


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