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St. Andrä#

St. Andrae, Carinthia, town in the district of Wolfsberg, alt. 433 m, pop. 10,582, area 113.53 km2, in Lavant Valley. - Office of Water Management, agricultural trade school, fruit research area of the Chamber of Agriculture, probation office, old peoples' home in the former Jesuit college, Providentia convent, recreational facilities; 1,779 employed persons (1991); industry and trade predominant (metal processing industry, agricultural machinery construction, processing of synthetic materials and wood, building and construction industry) and energy supply (steam generating plant since 1959, 110 MW), tourism (30,361 overnight stays in 1992). - 1228-1859 seat of the bishops of Lavant. Remnants of the city-wall with round tower; town parish church and former cathedral church (probably established in the second half of the 8th  century, making it the oldest parish of the Lavant Valley), Gothic basilica (14th -15th  century, reconstruction in the Baroque period and in the 19th  century) with Gothic frescoes and figural grave stones (15th -18th  century); former Salzburg Pfleghof (estate of Habsburg-Lothringen); Baroque Jesuit college; Maria Loreto pilgrimage church (1683-1687) with monastery (1665) on the northern outskirts of Sankt Andrae.


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