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Steyr, Fluss#

Steyr, River in Upper Austria, southwestern tributary of the River Enns, 58 km long, good water quality, average rate of flow 35 m3/sec. (Pergern). The River Steyr rises in the southern foothills of the Totes Gebirge Mountains, the valley on the upper reaches is called Stoder Valley; the low-lying Stromboding Waterfalls are located near Hinterstoder (alt. 591 m). Lake Klaus stretches from Steyrbruecke (alt. 474 m) to Klaus an der Pyhrnbahn; The River Steyr reaches the Upper Austrian Alpine foothills after the Steyr Gap near Goeritz (alt. 415 m) and flows into the River Enns at the town of Steyr. Tributaries include the Rivers Krumme Steyr and Steyrling (from the west) as well as the Rivers Teichl and Krumme Steyrling (from the east). Further municipalities on the River Steyr are Molln (alt. 442 m), Leonstein (alt. 375 m), Obergruenburg and Untergruenburg (alt. 417 m) and Waldneukirchen (alt. 446 m).