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Wiener Schule des Phantastischen Realismus#

Vienna School of Fantastic Realism, name coined by the art critic J. Muschik for a particular Austrian art movement inspired by surrealism. Main representatives include A. Brauer, E. Fuchs, R. Hausner, W. Hutter and A. Lehmden. The teacher and "father" of the group was A. P. Guetersloh; the artists who later formed a group were his students at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. Within the Art-Club, the "fantasts" stood up especially against abstract art. Their manner of painting was heavily influenced by the technical perfection of the classical masters (P. Breughel, H. Bosch, Danube School, Piero de la Francesca) and psycho-analysis was of particular importance for their work. With their first exhibition (the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism) at Belvedere Palace in Vienna in 1959, which was soon followed by further exhibitions abroad, had already laid the foundation for their international importance. Their art gained widespread success due to large editions of graphic reproductions and because of their large, if somewhat fluctuating, following of students and imitators.


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